The Dynamics Of Australian “Job Market”

-- Keshab Chapagain / प्रकाशित मिति : सोमवार, भदौ ८, २०७७

Australia is a highly innovative country, contributing new technologies in the world such as wifi technology, Afterpay etc. Being an active part of the progressive western world and one of the world leaders in innovation and economic liberalisation, Australia welcomes skilled and innovative migrants to the country in temporary and permanent visas every year in a very large number. My name is Keshab Chapagain and I am a registered migration agent (MARN 1576536). Being a migrant and a migration agent, I have closely studied the job market and assisted many people to get the right set of skills that might help them to secure higher paying jobs and possibly permanent visas in the future. In this article I will share my general idea about Australian job market and possible changes in immigration policies in general. Please keep in mind that these are my general views and may not be entirely true.


Be Exceptional

Australian immigration policy favours those skilled people who have exceptional skills and if those skills are in short supply in Australia, the Australian government is more likely to come up with visa subclasses related to those skills, allowing people with those skills to stay here and contribute to the society and economy as a whole. The reason for this approach is to fill the skills gap here and boost the economy. As an individual, you can look out for occupations which are in high demand and endeavour to gain those skills, provided you are in that stage of your life and you have interest in those skills. For instance, if you have special IT, engineering or medical skills, you may be favoured by the job market and the immigration programs.


High Demand Occupations

If you are hard working, you may still be able to land in secure jobs and immigration policy can favour you. For instance, there are shortages in some areas of trade skills like plumbing, electrician and even in aged care and child care sectors. This is truer in regional areas. Covid 19 has brought high demand for nurses and aged care workers. We help our clients to find the right skills set for them and refer them to the right colleges so that they can prepare for a better future. We also guide them for immigration matters so that they can have a clear road map before they commit to do anything.

For job market, is a great site to start with. You can get a good understanding of the job market in Australia and also get an idea of pay level. Please be mindful that most of these jobs want a full time worker but there are some jobs that can be done by part time work right visa holders and students such as telesales etc.

My suggestion for you is to prepare yourself for the job that you have skills in and give it a try. There are some employers who prefer hard working people over full time workers. If you have the right skills and willing to work hard, work limit to part time should not be your hindrance and believe me it will not be.


How to prepare for a job application

To prepare for a job application is like going to a battle. It starts with your training, your mindset, courage, vision and hard work. To be more elaborative, you have to have the right set of skills. If you do not have right skills, then there is no reason for the employer to hire you. However, a lot of skills are soft skills such as your personality, people skills, your knowledge to particular market etc. These soft skills play a big role. Therefore, if you think you can do the job and you should try then you should definitely try. There is no harm in trying and you will learn something new and build networking.

Before applying for a job though, I suggest you prepare your resume nicely. You can find plenty of resume samples in internet which you can have a look and try to build your own resume. I do not suggest copying resume but you can certainly copy the design of the resume. You should also consider hiring a service of professional resume writer because it makes a big difference. A good resume writer is good at portraying your skills effectively and highlighting your strengths, making better impression to your potential employers. We are helping our clients in resume preparation as well.


How to prepare for a job interview

To prepare for a job interview, first thing you should do is be familiar about the company, the role you are applying for and your match for the role. You should be able to speak clearly and confidently. For that, you can take some English speaking classes and learn to speak like a native English speaker. With this endeavour, you will be able to speak clear and with confidence, though you may not sound like a native speaker, which is fine. Speaking clearly is more important. You can also find great you tube channels dedicated for this purpose.  Remember, practice makes you better. Most Nepalese speak good English and have a great command over English language. It’s just about making you better and clearer.

We also provide interview trainings for our clients. If you think you need one, feel free to contact us. I can be contacted in or 0468 375 412.

I wish you all the best and encourage you to aim for the best job you can do so that you can have better than what you have right now.


PS: the writer is associated with WIDEN.