Dr Chintamani Yogi and His Teachings on The Art of Life, Art of Living and Spiritual Life

-- Dr Raju Adhikari / प्रकाशित मिति : शुक्रबार, बैशाख ३, २०७३
Dr Chintamani Yogi has been visiting Australia for the past five years on an invitation from South Australia University and Schools to share his teachings on “The Arts of Life, Arts of Living and Spiritual Journey”. During his visit, he travels Australia wide to meet Nepalese communities to share teachings with the Nepalese communities and second generation Nepalese. He was recently in Melbourne where the Victoria’s Nepalese communities successfully organised the above program. This time, Dr Yogi’s program is planned in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and South Australia. The program is organised by Shani-Sewa Pariwar in collaboration with communities associations. Following coordinators Sudeep Karki (NSW), Bishnu Devkota (Perth), Raju Upadhya (South Australia), Keshav Sharma/Rajan Koirala (QLD, TBC). Shiva Neupane, Dr Deepak Pant, Saroj Sharma, Dr Bimal Shrestha, Kusum Pokhrel, Dr Mahesh Bhandari , Surendra Sedai (Melbourne) of Shanti-Sewa pariwar, have been working voluntarily to help coordinate this program. This year Victoria programme comprised of following two programme and meeting Australian people who have been associated with Dr Yogi on above project in Nepal. The first day of the Melbourne program was 4 hours program for kids The Art of Life, Art of Living which was held at 59 Rosemary Avenue, Preston.

Participants were grouped and the program was creatively crafted to train the innocent minds with a take home message to remember. The first part of the program kicked off with definition and importance of Namaste in our culture. The atmosphere of the room was filled with love, joys, peace and friendliness and kids loved and enjoyed every second of the program. Further kids were also introduced general knowledge quiz and video clip on Nepal, Yoga practice and were told about the benefits of simple to do meditation postures. Kids were relaxed and enjoyed all the games, singing bhajan and national Nepali songs. Dr Yogi also delivered his talks, poems and songs encompassing culture, values, personalities and spirituality. With the Guruji’s song and poems, the room filled with love and compassion and was charged with an atmosphere of appreciation for our motherland, culture, values, beauty and more importantly being a NEPALI. Guru ji narrated about the importance of Nepal word as “Never Ending Peace and Love” – NEPAL, which kids themselves explained the meanings. It is the beginning of a new chapter in their life which will benefit them enormously to build a better society and individual through his teachings.

Satsang program from 6.30 to 11.30 pm was held at Rajendra and Kabita Pokhrel’s residence on the day of Shivaratri and was attended by over 200 people from all walks of life. The preaching dealt on many aspects of human life and about the process of purifying our mind and spirit in today’s world to live in peace and harmony and preparing ourselves to spiritual path for ultimate peace. Yogi shared his message of character building exercise following five sensory human values truth, peace, love, selfless service and non violence as very important to build all dimension of a person. Dr Yogi also highlighted the misperception about the meaning of Satsang as being only dharmik and worship gathering. The real meaning of Satsang is the; “Right Company” with “Right People” for the “Right Cause’ and need for understanding and cultivating “right relationships” in family with indescribable sense of humour. Dr Chitamani shared the importance of Shivaratri and lord Shiva’s blessing for the mankind and Nepal as the country where Lord Shiva had lived and spent his life.

Following the pravachan, in an interactive session participants asked several questions on a range of contemporary topics. Deepak and Bahini Pant, Satsang Coordinator said it was a life time opportunity to listen to his teachings. The session concluded with lovely bhajans and dance activity. All participants said that they were spell bound with enlightening teachings and they all feel enriched today and his teaching has impacted their thinking and perception about life, family values and happiness. NAV President Sudhir Shakya and Vice President Surendra Sedai welcomed and thanked Guru ji for the camp program and his message to Nepali community. He said that the program was great and that kids really learnt a great deal of teaching through practical oriented program. He further said such program should be organised in regular basis and NAV is fully committed to help organise this program every year. Mr Keshav Kandel, NRN Vice coordinator and VP thanked Guruji and said that NRN is always committed to support such a program and he was honoured to be involved in being part of this great initiative. He thanked Dr Mahesh Bhandari for providing the travel support. Dr Adhikari, the program convenor highlighted Guru’s overall mission in Australia to share his teachings on The Art of Life, Art of Living and Spiritual Life. He said over the years, Guru ji program has become hugely successful and embraced by the diaspora communities and second and third generation Nepalese children’s. He also thanked Santi-Sewa pariwar, NAV, NRN-Australia, Nepali Pathsala, Consulate Office for their continued support and Deepak ji, Shiva Neupane and Rajendra and Kabita Pokhrel for help in hosting the programme. =