-- Ashiya Jnawali,   Class: 6, PATHSHALA NEPAL FOUNDATION / प्रकाशित मिति : बुधबार, कार्तिक १९, २०७७

Once upon a time there lived a family of four. They were very poor and could barely afford a decent meal. There was the father, mother and two children. The father’s parents had made their way to heaven. The father had a brother who had been sent to an orphanage when he was young. All his life the father had tried hard to find him but he failed. As for the mother’s parents they did not support their daughter’s choice in husband so they had forbidden him to visit them. As the family was poor the children were sent to their mother’s parent’s house. They did not allow the husband so the wife stayed with the husband.

The season of festivals were coming it was time for the children to come home and spend time with their parents. They were happy and didn’t expect anything but the parents wanted to do something special. The children came home happily and helped their parents. The family worked very hard but lived in a mean neighborhood so the father couldn’t dare to ask his boss as he lived in the same neighborhood for money but this year, he gathered up his courage and asked the boss. The boss got furious and beat him heavily. The other servants felt pity and helped him get home.

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His wife saw his condition and cried bitterly. She cried at the lord. The couple had been praying the god for a better life for a long time. Meanwhile in another town a merchant had heard about the mean neighborhood. He wanted to see it for himself he visited the neighborhood with his children. He dressed as a poor man and asked the whole neighborhood for help but no one helped. His children had seen the poor family’s children. They asked him to go there, at first, he neglected. But his children insisted. He later went to their house. The children were alone as their parents had gone to work. The merchant asked them for some food. The children were about to share and eat a piece of bread. They were very hungry. But the merchant looked like he hadn’t eaten in weeks so the children happily gave him the piece. The merchant happily accepted the food. Later he pulled out the disguise and said his true identity. He told this was the only family that helped. He knew that they were poor so he decided to give them a feast.

 When the parents came, they were surprised to see the feast. They gratefully sat down and ate when they asked the merchant’s name, they were very surprised. The merchant was the father’s long-lost brother. The merchant had also been looking for his brother for a long time. It was a festive miracle.

The merchant decided to buy his brother a house in another neighborhood and then they lived happily ever after.