St George Nepalese Club (SGNC) Kids the rising stars

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Ohm Bhandari

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From within the dark pits of anguish and sorrow, there arose a team of elite players, destined to change the world. They were the SGNC kids…..

SGNC was the force to be reckoned with, the frontline of attack and the brick wall of defence, proposed by none other than Lionel Messi himself. Stars cannot be made, they are born and on April, 2015…

The world witnessed the beginning of power. Of resilience. Of football.

We were the chosen 20, the St. George Nepalese Club.

Lead to glory by the coach UD Gurung, we stand proud and strong, the bringer of light into a world concealed in immeasurable darkness. We brought to this land, the might of football and together, we strive towards success.

The 23 elite registered players are, Nawang Sherpa, Aryan Pokharel, Sambhav Gurung, Aditya Thapa, Abesh Dangol, Samman Gurung, Trizan Gurung, Sameer Gurung, Suyog Bogati, Ohm Bhandari, Marvin Gurung, Nawasin Subba, Sidhant Tuladhar, Aayush Poudel, Nirbhaya Thapa, Bikal Shrestha, Srijak Koirala, Sayal Koirala, Agrim Gurung, Ashutosh Godhar, Ansh Khadka, Neon Khanal and our brick wall Bidhan Gurung, the new Manuel Neuer.

Our first Tournament was rough but we got there. We advanced to the final winning with a close score of 2-0. The training of UD Gurung had payed of and now our team had finally united.

Hoping to continue on the extraordinary performance we are aiming high for our next tournament. We are being led by an older league of players who have destroyed other puny teams and shattered their hearts, but it is not over. It is just the beginning of so much more.

We were encouraged by the SGNC Senior Teams in many tournaments as they have played in NAWS, GNC, BUDDHA CUP and many other similar tournaments.

Each Saturday, we chuck on our gear and put on a shirt for another day of intense training by our systematic and fierce coach. We dribble with excellence and pass with skill and shoot with pride. Always one step closer to our next tournament victory. After almost a year of hard training our bodies are growing into steel.

We welcome any other excited children to join our evolving club to have fun and make new friends.