Poem : Dashain

-- Ashiya Jnawali / प्रकाशित मिति : बिहिबार, कार्तिक १३, २०७७

This religious event that knocks on our door annually

If you’re far it’s a great excuse to spend time with your family

Love is what you give and it is very priceless

And don’t forget to gift them with a piece of your kindness


Wear your tika and jamara being very proud

Maybe you will get some dakshina from your relatives around

Also get your piggy bank maybe it will be cackling

And please don’t forget to minimize your gambling


High up in the sky you will see your kite

Which kite will last long will you have a fight??

Playing in a lovely swing you will get a flight

But make sure the rope is attached to the swing tight


Delicious food is a must is that nice

Selroti and meat or do you want rice??

After that comes Tihar right around the corner

Make sure you have completed your vacation homework

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