Princess Rosy

-- Krishu Lamsal, Class - 5 , St. Mary's High Secondary Jawalakhel / प्रकाशित मिति : सोमवार, बैशाख २७, २०७८

Once upon a time in one kingdom there lived a kind and a queen. They had every thing wealth , palace etc. But they want a child. So after few months queen gave birth to girl. When she was born roses were blooming . So they kept her name Rosy . That day they kept a huge party . King invited all the people . In his kingdom there lived 3 fairies .he invited them all . They gave her blessing . 1st fairy said ” she will be very beautiful “. 2nd fairy said ” she will be brave . 3rd fairy told ” she will defeat the evil king Raymond ” . King was pleased . Then Rosy Grew up . She was beautiful and brave . King told to Rosy ” Rosy the evil king Raymond has attacked us . Now you can only save us . Rosy said” how can I defeat Raymond father .” ” you should do as the fairy has said . First you have go to the dragon world . And take a ruby. Then go to a crystal city and take a piece Of crystal . Go ahead and you will see a den go inside take the sword an angle will appear . Give him the ruby and crystal and take the sword.” said the king . Rosy did as followed . She went to dragon and requested to give the ruby . She took the ruby . And went to crystal city and took a piece of crystal . She took them to the cave . And gave to the angle .angle gave her the sword . Then she took the sword and fought with Raymond . She defeat him . And they lived happily ever again.

The End