Nepalese Australian Community – Challenges and Opportunities

Why Federation for Community Organisations?
-- Umesh Panta / प्रकाशित मिति : शुक्रबार, फाल्गुन २, २०७६

As we see growth in our community it brings change to the community land scape. The community collectively always has the opportunity to advance in the main stream Australia and have our voice heard on all areas of community issues and needs such that our social priorities are heard. We should have a collective standings on many fronts if not all fronts to grasp the opportunity ahead of us.

For some time now, migration to Australia has been a challenging issue and has been under pressure for a wide variety of reasons and the landscape has changed and is changing. On one side there over populations being raised but on different part of sector  of the economy  the demand of skilled workers will always remain, business both large and small are still seriously looking for skill work force which will always continue. With the increasing populations and demand of time there are major shifts coming through the demographics, legislations and improved and increased educational requirements and standards by employers, this is a significant opportunity for a largely English speaking and hardworking Nepalese professional migrants – graduated in Australia, in Nepal or any other overseas country.  For various reasons Nepalese Skill migrants and their families have been the big beneficiary of the migrations program in the last 10 plus years.

We as community seniors must be ready and be prepared to be part of this change as with the increased number of migrants and high number of Nepalese overseas students can bring more distressing and unsettling times to our community fill with many unfortunate social issues and accidents. We as community organisations have to progress and be prepared to evolve to the need of times like never before. Unity and collaboration is the most powerful solution if not the only solution. Sentiments alone is not enough or good enough. Will Federation have a chance to rebuild the confidence amongst the grass root humble and decent and respected hardworking community member? Those of us if we feel comfortable to call ourselves community Leaders ahead of community volunteers we need to truly and genuinely work towards each other’s best interest, community’s best interest and park the personal best interest outside common community social forums. This is what most of us have done always. We need to focus on positive stories and tell the positive stories to break the disconnect that exists.

With the Growth of the community ethical and community focused  approach with distinction between private and public affairs or activities is a critical need for all us to accept and appreciate and understand. Any action and work can’t just be good, it has to be right or actioned in the right approach. If we can as we always do upheld our ethical standards and slowly win the trust of our community from a bit of a disconnect we face at present to some extent over time we can transform the culture and reputation of our significant contribution to social work and it gets valued and recognised rightfully.

Equally we have to and it is important to acknowledge how far we still have to go to value the number of hours we contribute to the community work away from personal and family times. It is critical to not give up and many years of hard work goes into unfinished business. Any transformation needs time, resilience, momentum with discipline and energy. The energy will come from all of us being together and appreciating one another. We need Vision and Optimism. If we are there collectively together I can see a bright future for our younger generations. They are smart and bright already, some good positive guardianship will further strengthen the resolve. The community requires moving forward expert advice. This is to some extent missing and is not encouraged. Professional advice & service and trust to senior professionals in seeking advice- who have done well their respective careers must be respected and be valued more to lead the professional growth in the mainstream Australia to bring the balance between community based business and more & more qualified professional taking their place for a stronger professional community the upcoming and next generations can look upon and progress on the choice of their profession leading the show.

We know many of us who have directly been active on community work understand and appreciate the pain points and challenges of community work and hour and hours’ time away from young family. We need to tell the positive stories of social contribution we make to the community on a volunteering basis – the only way to bring back the confidence from our community members who have been ill advised or unadvised on the needs importance and challenges of community work. We need to bring the community together, this is only possible if we only but collectively focus on the community issues with acknowledgement, comprehension and insight into community expectations. When was the last time we as community seniors have done a community survey collectively to hear their voice?

This many of us working together like today should genuinely transform the social landscape and surely can make a more meaningful and productive positive difference in our community and the well-being of those who can benefit from the service most.

If community organisations along with NRNA collectively can accept and adopt to the collaboration and divide the scope of the community work as all have a very common objective, developing a more rigorous and stronger framework of unity filled with knowledge and expert capabilities and support by each and every one of us will bring true meaning of volunteering and productive value to community social work that can be measured and cherished by all.

Our collective and positive approach surely bring needed confidence to all good people in our Australian Nepalese community with qualified expert teams behind the advice and support journey we social volunteers need every one and then for a quality and productive outcome to service the best interest of our community members.

Friendship and appreciations is an integral part of community service. Collaboration and team work can bring freedom and satisfactions. Therefore we need more new entrants to take up the leadership roles and volunteering work for a sustainable community service and convert our current community organisation to future community institutions.

With our community advancements at all levels Australian community, governments at all levels and government agencies are expecting advanced standards and accountability and unity form us. Therefore with collaboration and positive energy with unity we need regular mentoring programs for our youths for them to receive and accelerate on social networking and building strong social relationships and connections so that they can flourish in their professions and as experienced professionals come back at some point again in their lives full of experience and talents with much

The strong foundation of excellence – if we and everyone lead by example, this would help inspire and activate dreams of your fellow community member if not a friend or a family member. There are many beautiful hardworking people with significant high caliber who can contribute to our community – we just need to welcome them to the fold. If we can develop a higher standards the community deserves trust in our capabilities, hard work and expertise grows, a strong foundation for excellence is always realised.

Is the Community Organisation’s Federations – FeNCAA a part solution for a collaborative approach to community work? Most of all we all in the community must accept and recognise that our rights comes with responsibilities. Let’s get involved more with no or zero expectation to give what we can share to the community – productive social outcome will be guaranteed.

Federation should be a technology that can be shared by all transparently – Umesh Panta –Representing Nepalese Australian Association (Past President NAA). Context – FeNCAA in NSW. Thank you for Reading.