SACLG Focus on Emerging Community Issues and Challenges

-- नेपाली टाईम्स अष्ट्रेलिया / प्रकाशित मिति : बुधबार, असार ११, २०७६

The South Asian Community Link Group Australasia (SACLG, ) was established in 2010  to serve the migrant communities of the subcontinent at different levels. On Monday 24th June, a quarterly meeting was held to outline the new executive team and put forward  SACLG programs for the next quarter.

President Dr Adhikari reiterated the SACLG mission and objectives and shared how the organization has been playing a  pivotal and proactive role in the community. Firstly, by undertaking innovative approaches and strategies to address pertinent issues of the community’s concern. Secondly, working with community organisations by extending support through active partnerships and collaboration. Lastly, by providing a platform for the community’s voice to be heard by policymakers

SACLG proposed  Annual South Asia Day,  Youth and Women’s empowerment and Community health with diabetes. awareness programs are of major focus in 2019-2020

Mentioned below are the SACLG executive team for 2019-2021 and members:

·      President – Dr Raju Adhikari

·      Sr. Vice president – Angpal Singh

·      Vice President – Taniya Jayasinghe

·      General Secretary – Hari Pandey

·      Treasurer – Izhar Khan ( TBC)

·      Spokesperson – Niru Tripathi

·      Media coordinator – Jimmy Oriakhel

·      Community Programs Director – Madhur Mittal

·      Head of Multicultural & Diversity   – Virosh Perera


Deepak Vinayak, JP ( Founding Patron)

Saksham Katyal

Rashi Kapoor

Purva Gulyani

Fahim Faiz

Amrinder Kaur

Parshu Budathoki

Project champions

Wida Tausif

Kiran Sood

Pooja Panjabi

Sashi Neelya

Amy Ambalika Deuja

Jaskaran Mangat

Krishna Teji

Sheetal Nandal

SACLG will continue to encourage members from various South Asian communities to join the group.