You are not alone

-- Sandhya Bista / प्रकाशित मिति : बुधबार, भदौ ३१, २०७७

It’s so sad to hear so many people suiciding in Nepal and around the world so they can escape life and end the suffering. This pandemic definitely didn’t make it easy for them. It breaks my heart that they chose to end their life and I can’t even imagine the pain they went through. As humans we all feel pain in our life so let’s try to be more empathetic and understanding. We need to care more and be there for one another. Let’s not lose sight of what matters the most. It’s time to end the stigma of mental illness and the more conversation we have the more easier it will be for people struggling to open up and share their stories without being ashamed. You are not alone in this journey and you don’t need to struggle in silence. We can choose to be the light to someone’s darkness. As a society we need to make mental health awareness a top priority.

Some of the causes behind suffering could be that people feel insecure about themselves, not feel good enough, not successful, not rich enough. There is a lot of pressure to be on top of the game or fulfill expectations and when we don’t meet these goals in life we either feel not worthy or valued. This never ending expectations and external validation we seek can lead to your negative attitude and thought patterns which can really take a toll on your mental health. If we lose control of our thoughts this can take us to a very dark place.

It’s really important to have a positive mindset and to be able to shift your beliefs & perspective on life. Life becomes meaningful when you enjoy the little things and are fully present in the moment. And when you can see your life as a precious gift and be grateful for what you have, it’s easier to become happy from within. By looking inward and observing your thoughts, you are able to become self aware of what is a healthy thought. You are not just living in auto pilot but moment by moment. Your career is just one aspect of your life. You are a lot more than your failure. If we fail in something does not mean we fail at life.

In history of mankind we are working together as one to fight the same battle. Corona virus hasn’t divided us but made us see there is only one race called the human race and we have finally found global solidarity.

Even though it is a tough time, I feel optimistic that when this phase all ends many people will come out of this experience seeing the world in a different light. I really hope it will bring about a spiritual awakening for many people and life lessons. Times like this show us what really matters in this world and gives you a different take on life and makes our priorities more clear.

The Universe is telling us to slow down and given us this time to reflect and pause and see what Is going on around us. It is a overwhelming period for people but this is not the time to lose hope but to find the strength within us and fight our way for a brighter future. We are all in this together. Be kinder to yourself. You matter. Your existence matters. Your voice matters.