Dreams, Struggle, win

-- Sudichhya Gautam / प्रकाशित मिति : शनिबार, भदौ २६, २०७८

In this chapter I am talking about breaking the barriers, your dreams, struggles and victory . Why do you have to confine yourself to the small things? If you can shake the entire world .In my entire life all I wanted was to chase my dreams , be the best version of myself and break all the obstacles that came in my way. Once you are sold out with what you want to be  you will figure out the way, adjust the way and conquer the whole world. Live your dream and always aim higher . Set a higher standard and be the better version of yourself . Be fearless and work harder into your dreams. Have your own story and don’t give up.

There is only one you, no one else and who you are inside and if you understand if you really who you are ,then you can seize the ability beyond your imagination coz we are afraid of change or we are too rigid with our current situations. Change is always constant in your life and we are never old enough to learn new things in our life. Make choices in your life, let your dream flies and be what you want to be with being fearless.

Recognise the opportunities that came into your way. Work so hard to squeeze all the opportunities in your life and you are never arrive enough to explore new opportunities in your life and make sure that there is nothing wrong to have higher dreams and goals.

Fight for your dreams. No one will fight for your dreams except you . So today mine path is just mine and mine journey is mine. Do not compromise. You will fail and you can do nothing to stop that. What you will do after that will define where you will go.  The only way to push failure is to move ahead, not ignore it and analyze it. .If you don’t truly extend your possibilities, you will always stay stagnant. Backed up your work ethics with your 100 %. Always surround yourself with right people who won’t stab you in the back.

You can never please everyone in life. Give back when you can. Always remember where you came from then you will be able to connect the dots. Dont ever forget the roots where you came from.

Always be the open minded and easiest people .

The person who can change you is the person sitting in your chair. If you have a dream in your heart and if you have work ethics, head and mind align in the place then you can climb the ladder . If you have backed up your dreams with your work ethics.

Start educating yourself. Take charge and ownership of everything. If everyone can do why you can’t. Don’t compare somebody’s victory with your struggle and your victory with someone’s struggle.

People are unable to see potential in themselves. It’s a cream lifestyle . Don’t give up and never quit on your dreams. First 5 to 10 years are the foundation for your dreams. Always think that your  dreams are bigger than anything else. Dream, struggle and Victory. There are no lucky people and it’s a curse if you achieve anything without working as you will not be able to manage it .

Too many negative things are in your heart, negative comes out. If you have positive things in your heart , positive comes out. Dream big but focus small . Power of spoken words and conquer yourself . If all can do it and everyone can do it .

I would like to be the storyteller Story of the women who is perfectly imperfectly, in pursue of the dream and aspiration and make other people think if your life is harder and unfair then think you are unfair to yourself . Problems are not too big but we are too small to handle that .

Power of spoken words. Words can make you break you heal you so try to use positive words in your life . God always has great plans for you . I don’t know what it is but he surely has. I always wanted to add more colours in my life and I want to paint my own life. I have to accept whatever i am sooner the better.

Lack of acceptance. People think that they will not accept. Start appearing more publicly, Breaking the barriers. If I want to make the difference then only the world will recognise it . Its all start with you. If you have bigger dreams in your life, on the road of success there is not me . there is always another person behind you , Never lose that person who always supports you and mentors you at the back.

Self created problem. We always expect ease from life, fantasy and we think as it should goes as my plan and if it doesn’t happen we give up . Life is a test and trial so never suppose to be easy. Do not complain about life. It makes you better person and life is a trial

It should be okay to cry but quitting is not an option. Failure is an option , when you fail you carry on . We want everything perfect , a perfect life and a perfect career. Nothing is perfect in the world. We are perfectly imperfect and that is fine.

We think too much about what people say and listen to us very less. It makes your perfect if you try to help people and try to connect people with your pain. Don’t die before your death.

I have stopped worrying about the things that I have left. There are so many people in life and they are dreaming of life that you are living and celebrating your life . Dont die before your death. Life is very beautiful. Be grateful for whatever you have. If you cry for little things that you have lost you will not have anything. Never giving up is the way to live always.

On a very short note, live your life fully. Be kind to yourself. Life is hard, there will be turmoil but never give up and live your dreams,